Cello Biomechanics by Marianne Dumas

 For every action in Nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

Newton's third law





Biomechanics will give you clear answers to the "how to" and "why":
  • Improve your technique through a better knowledge of your body and the mechanics of the sound.
  • Heal and prevent injuries.
  • Adapted to any level, amateur and professional cellists.
Optimal movement = Optimal playing.






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Cello technique and science

If you continually seek to enhance your ability to express yourself and to discover new sources of inspiration : biomechanics are for you. You will drastically improve your playing and prevent injuries from happening. 

If you are dealing with pain or tension, I would never work with you if I don't think I can help you healing. Send me a message and tell me about your injury. Pain is never "in your head". I have worked with cellists dealing with dystonia or major tendinitis. It takes time and commitment but there are solutions, you can heal.

When teaching, I give the "tools" needed to solve technical, musical, or injury problems. I also work on the alliance between the body and the mind to help my students and colleagues connect with their cello so it becomes their voice. 

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Interview: "THE INNER SONG"

Le chant intérieur 

(in French)

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Cello Biomechanics



The informations contained in this website are based on observations and opinions from my personal experiences, it is subject to change and it is by no means any kind of absolute answer. I try my best to write in English, but I am French 

Feel free to contact me in English, German, French or Spanish.

Marianne Dumas