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The website about the Bach Cello SUites:


Between 2014 and 2017 I worked on a research project about the baroque cello.

It includes :

  • A publication about the baroque cello, its origins, set up, history, and technique

  • A new edition of the Suites (urtext)

  • A recording of the Bach Suites following my new edition with the baroque instruments used for the project (full baroque set up)

My goal with this project is to get a deeper understanding of the cello in general and to create a database where cellist could find informations about the origin and the history of the cello as well as informations about the baroque cello, the set up and technique.

My recording of the Suites:

"I listened to the 6 Bach suites with pleasure. 

Very well done, I liked very much the resonance, intonation and the way of playing. 

Very convincing. A very good work and great success technically."  

Ton Koopman