Cello Biomechanics

Program of the video series

Chapter 1: Momentum and Spiccato explained by Newton  RELEASED!

Chapter 2: The shoulder and shoulder muscles RELEASED!

Chapter 3: The movements of the scapula RELEASED!

Chapter 4: The lever 

Chapter 5: Scapula winging

Chapter 6: Arches of the hands

Chapter 7:  Muscles of the down bow and up bow

Chapter 8: Shifts

Chapter 9: Spiccato and vibrato

Chapter 10: Jean-Louis Duport and the French School of Cello


Cello technique and science

If you continually seek to enhance your ability to express yourself and to discover new sources of inspiration : biomechanics are for you. You will drastically improve your playing and prevent injuries from happening. .


Improve your technique through a better knowledge of your body and the mechanics of the sound.

  • Heal and prevent injuries.
  • understand the use of weight, movement, and tension.

Optimal movement = Optimal playing



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