Cello Biomechanics

Program of the video series

Chapter 1: The sound and Spiccato explained by Newton  RELEASED!

Chapter 2: The shoulderblades and the arms

Chapter 3: Cello history from a bass to a cello

Chapter 4: Jean-Louis Duport and the French School of Cello

come back to know what will be in chapter 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 


Cello technique and science

If you continually seek to enhance your ability to express yourself and to discover new sources of inspiration : biomechanics are for you. You will drastically improve your playing and prevent injuries from happening. .


Improve your technique through a better knowledge of your body and the mechanics of the sound.

  • Heal and prevent injuries.
  • understand the use of weight, movement, and tension.

Optimal movement = Optimal playing



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